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Autumn/ Winter 2018

Life Drawing/Herts Open Studios exhibition     Image of life drawing sketch

An exciting exhibition of Life Drawings made by the Herts Open Studios group of over 20 artists from regular Hemel and Berkhamsted sessions. Sessions for beginners and improvers are held in The Old Town Hall Cellar Club, run by Kelly Pedlar. Life Drawing Happenings have been running for almost 10 years, taking part in Herts Open Studios is a wonderful way to exhibit and celebrate!

Monday 3rd September – Monday 1st October

The Old Tower     Image from The Old Tower Artwork

By Sharon Axcell and Stephen Hill

A unique collaboration between local screenwriter Sharon Axcell, graphic illustrator Stephen Hill (Hilly) and the Old Town Hall, The Old Tower is a graphic novel experience set in dystopian 2131. Following global warming and the religious conflicts of 2027, Earth’s waters now engulf the enduring lone Old Town Hall tower. One man finds hope for salvation in his time-travel invention, but things go badly wrong…

Monday 1st October – Monday 3rd December

An Adventure into Photography      

by lyndasphotography

Lynda's adventure into photography began in earnest while living in the Balkans for 5 years.The day to Image from lyndas photographyday challenge of the different culture and language led to the more significant challenge of loneliness once the initial excitement of being there began to wear off. Looking for a way to keep her sanity, she turned to photography and suddenly the challenges transformed before her. Her camera became her best friend and the new culture became a photographic playground for her to explore and capture in creative ways. Since then, her camera has been her creative companion both at home and in many other nations. This exhibition showcases the enjoyment of her photographic adventures.

Monday 3rd December – Monday 7th January 2019